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This week in Y4 21.06.24

What a full on week we have had. In our writing, we had to write about what we would want to improve about Parkwood Springs. The children had some fantastic Ideas. Whilst on about Parkwood Springs, we went for a geography session to survey human and physical features, what sort of animals and plants are there and how many other humans we saw (we didn’t see many).

We continued looking at properties of shape.


In our RSHE, we looked at racism and what it is. The children were really mature in this and discussed the different concepts extremely well.

Our PE continued on Monday and Wednesday – dance was particularly good. The children who thought they didn’t like it, seem to be liking it now!

Our Postcard this week went to Lydia for always making careful choices in all that we do.

Y4KB postcard went to Girum for his fantastic attitude in lessons and relishing every challenge, leading to him gaining a brilliant score on his maths tests!

In Beat That, Y4MB, Caroline scored 76, Lottie scored 54 and, for the first time, Jakob scored 42. Well done you three. Lexie was the only person to score their best ever score this week!

In Beat That in Y4KB, Muhammad scored 48, Girum scored 46. Anabelle and Bobbie-Jo scored their highest this half term with big improvements!

In our (Y4MB) CLIC, Lottie, Hamza and Alice scored the maximum 12. Aiman and Oliver achieved their best scores since Christmas – well done.

In CLIC in Y4KB, Anabelle, Noah, Ronnie, Muhammad and Tegan all scored 12/12. Caleb, Kadie, Cory and Zayn all scored 11. Well done all!