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Friday Superstars!

Here are some of the superstars from the Friday, week beginning 24/06/2024.

CLIC Y3SB - 11 out of 11 for Charlie (first time!), Finn, Mia, Olivia, Reon and Sonny. There were also improvements and maintained scores from Koby and Calia.

CLIC Y3GH - 11 out of 11 for Amina, Aklil, Corey, Charlie, Darcie, Robyn, Aseel and Ivy. There were improvements and joint high scores from Ethan S-R.

Beat That Y3SB- Our first week of two tests in 60 seconds! Bobby scored 38, Esmai and Finn scored 33, Narin scored 33 and Reon scored 28. There were best scors from Esmae, Louie, Layla Kenan, Jacob and Harrison

Beat That Y3GH- Bryan was able to score 29 this week! Improvements and maintained score from Darcie, Thanos, Amina, Bayan, Olly, Brogan, Maisie, Muadh and Ivy.


Y3SB- Orlando for Value Being Special. He tries his hardest to make the right choices in class and is always so friendly to others.

Y3GH- Corey for Learn Together. He has always tried to have a positive impact on other people's learning.

Star of the Week :

Y3SB- Will be decided on Monday.

Y3GH- Olly for being so helpful and caring towards others. He is always doing the right thing!

P.E. Star of the Week: Oliver B for being a great partner in our yoga session.

40 reads 

Y3GE - Naom has reached his 40 read goal!

Y3SB - Archie, Esmai, Harrison, Jess and Reon have all reached 40 reads for this term. Well done! Olivia is only 1 away!