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Friday Superstars!

Here are some of the highlights from the week!

CLIC Y3SB - 11 out of 11 for Bobby, Kenan, Reon and Sonny. There were improvements from Ashton, Ellasu and Jacob.

CLIC Y3GH - 11 out of 11 for Aklil, Olly, Corey, Bryan, Lewis, Charlie, Maisie, Darcie, Robyn, Aseel and Ivy. There were improvements and joint high scores from Oliver, Oba and Antoni. 

Beat That Y3SB- 24 out of 24 for Bobby, Finn, Narin, Orlando and Reon. There were improvements for Archie, Jessica, Kenan, Layla, Louie and Olivia.

Beat That Y3GH- 24 out of 24 for Aklil. Improvements and maintained scores from Amina, Noah, Oliver, Lewis, Maisie, Antoni, Darcie, Robyn and Muadh.


Y3SB- Koby for improved presentation with his writing.

Y3GH- Brogan for being very helpful and carrying the extra pick and mixes on the visit last week.

Star of the Week :

Y3SB- Narin for being a greta friend to other children in class.

Y3GH- Maisie for always making good choices with ehr learning.

P.E. Star of the Week: Noah for being more resilient and open to feedback.