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  • Summer 1 Newsletter

    Published 29/04/24, by Danielle Houghton

    Find out what we are up to this half term!

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  • Minibeast Hunt and Big Finish

    Published 23/05/24, by Danielle Houghton

    We have had a busy week in nursery this week. Our oldest nursery children have all been on a minibeast hunt in the nursery garden. We took a checklist with us and even though it was cold we managed to find some minibeasts. We found spiders, snails, slugs, flies and ants. It was great fun!

    On Wednesday we performed a dance to the Ugly Bug Ball music for our big finish. There were lots of grown-ups there watching and although some of us got a bit of stage fright our teachers were really proud of us and how well we performed the dance. A big thank you to all the grown-ups who came to watch us. Thank you for your support. 

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  • WCM Waterproofs now available!

    Published 23/05/24, by Liam Furniss

    Watercliffe Meadow, red, age 3-4 waterproof jackets and trousers are now available to buy from the office for only £1 each!

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  • Mollie's Minbeast spotting

    Published 22/05/24, by Danielle Houghton

    Mollie has enjoyed looking for minibeasts in her garden at the weekend and wanted to show everyone what she found. She found a snail, spider, woodlouse and a green bug! What great minibeast spotting Mollie!! I'm very impressed!

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  • Hunter Growing

    Published 21/05/24, by Danielle Houghton

    Hunters having so much fun! We are making a flower bed now we are seeing a bit more sun shine! We are planting lots of mixed flowers and we are going to wait for the results! Wow what a great job you're doing Hunter, I can't wait to see what your flowers look like. 


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  • Baby Clinic and Printing

    Published 17/05/24, by Danielle Houghton

    A baby clinic has opened in nursery this week and the children have really enjoyed taking care of lots of poorly babies and each other. We have also been printing using lots of different shapes. 

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  • Butterflies

    Published 17/05/24, by Danielle Houghton

    This week was an exciting one in nursery as all our caterpillars finally emerged from their chrysalis and had transformed into butterflies. We have loved watching the lifecycle unfold with our tiny caterpillars growing and getting bigger and fatter.  We were very excited to see how beautiful the butterflies were and how their wings were symmetrical. We let them fly away this week. We were sad to see them go but happy that they got to enjoy being outside. 

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  • N2 Cleethorpes Visit

    Published 14/05/24, by Liam Furniss

    N2 are going on an exciting visit to Cleethorpes beach!

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  • Elia Planting

    Published 12/05/24, by Danielle Houghton

    Elia wanted to show everyone that she has planted her sunflower that she has been growing in nursery in her garden. Well done Elia, I can't wait to see how tall it gets!

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  • Exploring Sand

    Published 10/05/24, by Danielle Houghton

    This week in the nursery, the children have really enjoyed exploring the wet sand with the plant pots. The children have been exploring capacity. It has been nice to see the children working together to fill up each other's buckets. 

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  • Good choice treat

    Published 08/05/24, by Danielle Houghton

    Today we celebrated filling our good choice coin. We have been working really hard following the golden rules, being kind, sharing and tidying up our toys. We decided that we would like to play some party games as a treat and we had so much fun! We played musical chairs and musical bumps. The winners received a prize of either slime or pop it bracelets. What a fun time!

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  • Finley's Birthday

    Published 07/05/24, by Danielle Houghton

    A big happy birthday to Finley who has celebrated his birthday on holiday! We all hope you had a great day Finley, can't wait to hear all about it!

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