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Friday Successes

CLIC Y6KH - 12 out of 12 for John Paul, Harry, Ava, Scarlett, Raniah, Rebekah, Yabsera, Rizwan, Vinmaya and Grace. 10 or above for Salwa, Sofia, Zaid and Siraj.

CLIC Y6MS - 12 out of 12 for Blair, Joe, Logan B, Reece, Isha, Harley, Bailey, Teigan, Riley, Atiba and Harlon. 10 or above for Halima, Ali, Masi and Punyasree.

Beat That Y6KH - 72 or above for Salwa, Scarlett, Rebekah, Ahmed and Rizwan.

Beat That Y6MS - 72 or above for Jacob, Tyreece, Bailey, Riley, Punyasree and Harlon.


Y6KH - Solve Problems - Grace. You have been such a help during our rehearsals for the Y6 performance. Keep it up!

Y6MS - Be Positive - Harley. You were so positive in your attitude to sports day, filling in for events where needed. Well done!

Star of the Week (chosen by the children):

Y6KH - Kaif!

Y6MS - Blair and Jacob (with a tied vote)!

P.E. Star of the Week:

Meryem! Well done!