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Our School

The World Is Ours

Watercliffe Meadow is a happy, caring place for learning. Everyone has the chance to explore, discover and develop their unique qualities, skills, gifts and talents. We feel good about who we are. Together, we can help to make the world a better place.

This is our ‘mission statement’. Staff, children, parents and governors all worked together to create these simple statements that explain what we are about and what our vision and aims are for our learning community. Our children have even written a song about it!

We all know that the world is a fast and ever-changing place. What we want to do above all things is to prepare our children, not only to survive in the world of the 21st Century but also to find their place and to be able to flourish within it. To do this, we know that we must provide a stable and caring environment where learning is valued, and where children (and adults) have access to a wide range of exciting learning opportunities that will help them develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes so that everyone can become successful and content in life.

We want our children to become independent learners, to have the chance to discover and feel confident about their own uniqueness and also to be able to appreciate the wider world and the importance of working together to make things better. Our staff are dedicated to making this happen. We truly believe that, by working together, we can achieve the aims of our mission statement.

The World is Ours!

The Staff and Governors of Watercliffe Meadow