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Committee Structure

Governors’ Committee Structure 2023-24

The Governing Body of Watercliffe Meadow has a structure whereby every governor is a member of the Full Governing Body Committee.

Chair of Governors: Lee Hilton-Brammer

Vice-Chair of Governors: Margaret Anderson

Clerk to the Governors: Julian Crooks


There is a sub-committee structure, consisting of three committees:

Finance & General Purpose Committee - Chaired by Jason Hutson

Inclusion Committee - Chaired by Margaret Anderson

Strategic Committee - Chaired by Lee Hilton-Brammer

Membership is as per the table below:

Name of Governor

Committee Membership                        

Margaret Anderson Inclusion; Strategic
Cathy Baker Inclusion
Sue Bibby Inclusion
Claire Bradley Finance & General Purpose; Inclusion; Strategic
Caroline Cigala Finance & General Purpose
Nicola D'Arcy Inclusion
Diane Fenton
Kerry Heap Strategic
Lee Hilton-Brammer Finance & General Purpose; Strategic
Jason Hutson Finance & General Purpose; Strategic
Gillie Lane Strategic
Chloe Mallinson Inclusion
Ian Read Finance & General Purpose; Inclusion; Strategic
Ian Roberts Finance & General Purpose
Glynn Riches Finance & General Purpose
Emma Wayper Inclusion; Strategic
Kerry Wigginton Inclusion
Sarah Windle Inclusion


Future Committee Dates

   Autumn 1   Autumn 2  Spring 1 Spring 2    Summer 1 Summer 2
Full Governors          - 08.11.23         -  06.03.24      -  12.06.24
Finance & General Purpose         10.11.23     - 07.02.24 - 01.05.24      -
Inclusion        - 07.11.23   -    27.03.24   -    18.06.24
Strategic 04.10.23 15.11.23 31.01.24 27.03.24 15.05.24 10.07.24