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03.05.24 Learning Post

Here is our first post on the new website to detail our learning of this week!

We've had another amazing week of learning. We have finished writing diary entries in character, we have used Scratch to create and debug algorithms to create music. It's really fun in year three at the moment!

In Y3GH, our Star of the Week is for Oliver Barton. This is the second time he has been awarded the prize as he has really really worked hard on his learning at school and at home. Our Learning Principle postcard is 'Feel Proud' and for Amina - she is such a superstar all the time and works so hard and should be so proud of her.

In our tests this week, 4 children got full marks of 24 (Naom, Charlie and Aseel) and Aklil even took the double test challenge and got 34! 8 children matched or beat their previous score and they were Oliver, Kamari, Bryan, Lewis, Darcie, Robyn, Muadh and Ivy. In our CLIC test, 7 children got 11/11 and they were Corey, Naom, Bryan, Darcie, Robyn, Aseel and Ivy. Ellie May and Hannah both improved their previous score.

We now have 9 children who have already completed and are continuing their 40 summer reads. Well done Amina, Aklil, Olly, Maisie, Darcie, Robyn, Muadh, Ellie May and Ivy! A great start to the termly goals!

A big congratulations to Esmai who got her Solve Problems badge in assembly this week. She has worked so hard at finding change when working with money this week and always tried her hardest to offer an answer. despite not always knowing the correct one!

Star of the Week in Y3SB goes to Jacob, who has made a big improvement in his handwriting over the last week. He has managed to get some of his letters the correct size and written them with the correct formation too- so well done Jacob!

In CLIC, we had 6 children get 11. Well done to Bobby, Jessica, Louie, Narin, Olivia and Sonny! We had 8 children miss out on full marks by 1 mark, which means almost half the class are now getting 10 or 11 out of 11 - well done everyone!

In Beat That, a well done goes to Narin, Bobby and Reon who got 24/24. Sonny, Kareem and Esmai all managed to get personal best scores for this term too. 

We had great spelling scores this week too, with an average of 7.1 out of 10. Mr Barnes surprised most children with 2 extra spellings to make sure we had every child had 10 spellings to do. But the good news is, of the 8 that most children got sent, most children got all 8 correct! So well done to everyone!

Unfortunately we still have a lots of children without a single read this term. But 11 children managed to read this week, meaning that there are more children reading than in the first week which is great!

Have a lovely 3 day weekend everyone and see you on Tuesday!