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Friday Superstars!

Here are some of the Friday superstars from the week beginning the 17th June.

CLIC Y3SB - 11 out of 11 for Archie, Bobby, Esmai, Finn, Kareem (his first time!) and Orlando (his first time too!). There were also improvements and maintained scores from Abdul and Ellasu.

CLIC Y3GH - 11 out of 11 for Maisie, Olly, Bryan, Robyn, Corey, Ivy, Kamari, Aseel, Charlie, Naom. There were improvements and joint high scores from Thanos, Ethan C, Oliver and Hannah.

Beat That Y3SB- 24 out of 24 for Bobby, Esmai, Finn, Narin and Orlando. There were improvements for Abdul, Ashton and Harrison.

Beat That Y3GH- 24 out of 24 for Aklil, Naom and Corey. Improvements and maintained score from Ivy.


Y3SB- Bilal for excellent determination to work independently in his assessments. He has done so well and I am beyond proud of his efforts!

Y3GH- Hannah for Reflect and Share. She has redone parts of her handwriting this week and proved how well she can form her letters when she puts her mind to it.

Star of the Week :

Y3SB- Summer for being kind and friendly to everyone she meets. She really is a role model for how to make new friends.

Y3GH- Bayan

P.E. Star of the Week: Charlie B for being a great sportsperson and keeping his manners even in games.