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07.06.24 Y3 Learning

What an amazing week we have had!

Our visit on Wednesday was spectacular and we all had a really good and informative day at the Botanical Gardens. Botanical Bingo was really fun: we saw a bear, a pond with fish, and lots of amazing plants from a whole range of countries! We learnt so much on the way too; as well as making friends with many squirrels!

In Y3GH, our Star of the Week is Oba for the amazing interest he took in the visit and the fantastic knowledge he displayed. He made some fantastic links between our science and geography learning with what Laura, the leader of our visit, taught us. Our learning principle card is 'Feel Proud' for Brogan. We had some spare pick and mixes leftover on the morning of our visit and Brogan carried three extra ones and two bags - what a superstar helping out her classmates! 

We have had some amazing children meet some challenges this week too! Oba has also passed all his Y3 times tables and got his face on the rocket! Both Bryan and Hollie have reached the 40 reads target for summer term and will be rewarded their reading mileage badges at the end of the term. That is 12 of us in Y3GH now who have reached this target! What a fantastic effort! Our readers this week who have read 2 or more times are Amina, Bayan, Jamari, Aklil, Olly, Noah, Bryan, Charlie, Maisie, Holly, Darcie, Thanos, Robyn, Muadh, Aseel, Ellie May and Ivy. These children also read once: Corey, Naom, Antoni, Hannah and Ethan SR.

In our weekly maths tests, we have gone back to the beginning of our summer tests and have done week one's tests. In CLIC, we had 12 children with full marks! In our Beat That tests, Corey and Aklil were able to do the double test challenge. Bryan and Charlie also got full marks. Fantastic learning. Next week, we will do some comparisons of scores when we move into test 2.

In Y3SB, our Star of the Week goes to Alyssiah this week, who has been making a conscious effort at putting her hand up in class and on our visit to the Botanical Gardens this week. We are so proud of you!

Our postcard for Feel Proud goes to Louie and Charlie this week. They represented the school so well on our visit on Wednesday by sweeping and tidying up after everybody had finished their lunches. So helpful of you boys!

We had full marks from Archie, Bobby, Finn, Jessica, Layla, Louie, Mia, Olivia, Reon and Sonny. That is one third of the class! Well done! We also had high scores from Abdul, Shayla and Levia. 

There were also full marks in our Beat That tests from Esmai, Narin and Reon. Bobby and Finn were one mark off 24 and there were high scores from Archie, Charlie, Ellasu, Esmae, Koby, Olivia and Summer. So many higher scores this week, so well done everybody!

We had around 7 children pass a timestable this week and now there are 9 children on their 8s. One more timestable to go and you are on the rocket guys, keep it up!