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  • Colour Smash

    Published 21/06/24, by Marie Morton

    Some children went to the Colour Smash event this morning and had a smashing time!

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  • This week in Year 2

    Published 21/06/24, by Hilary Read

    Full marks in spellings this week by Ezmae, Blake, Levi, Savannah, Kairo, Dolly, Parker, Ava, Tayyib, Maryam, Harrison, Junior, Evelina, Noor, Arayah, Darcey, Ava, Kyra, Shatw, Tassie, Harriett and Luther.

    Great reading from Charlotte, Riley, Levi, Dolly, Poppy, Darcie, Evelina, Junior, Harriett, Joey, Luther and Shatw. 

    Postcards for Blake and Darcey.

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  • Archery and Apples in DT

    Published 18/06/24, by Hilary Read

    This afternoon we have been looking at healthy snacks and how to cut apples in different ways.  The children decided which apples were the tastiest and which way of presenting apples is the nicest.

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  • This week in Y2

    Published 14/06/24, by Hilary Read

    Full marks in spellings for Amani, Jameel, Ezmae, Blake, Riley, Levi, Alisa, Matin, Rayaan, Rakaan, Hakimah, Dolly, Leela, Ellicia, Parker, Ava, Tayyib, Ava C, Evelina, Hamza, Luther, Maryam, Reneaha, Ronnie, Shatw, Tassie and Zainab.

    Good number of reads by Amani, Charlotte, Levi, Alisa, Malik, Dolly, Leela, Poppy, Parker, Ava, Ava BS, Arayah, Darcie, Grace, Hamza, Harrison, Joey, Kyra, Ronnie and Shatw.


    40 out of 40 in Beat That for Rakaan, Rayaan, Jameel and Evelina.

    Postcards for Alisa and Darcey.

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  • Spellings week beginning 17th June 2024

    Published 14/06/24, by Hilary Read

    These are the spellings for week beginning 17th June 2024

    Adding the suffix -es

    body        bodies          fly        flies

    lady         ladies           family       families

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  • Sports Day

    Published 13/06/24, by Marie Morton

    We had a fantastic day yesterday on our sports day. 

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  • The Walk and Wheel Challenge 17 -28 June 2024

    Published 10/06/24, by Hilary Read

    The Walk and Wheel Challenge – 17 – 28 June 2024


    As part of our Year of Active Travel, the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) is launching a brilliant new schools’ initiative across the region in June 2024 – The Walk and Wheel Challenge.


    And we’re asking every parent and guardian to support the programme.


    Between the 17th of June and the 28th  of June 2024 (10 school days in total) we’d like every primary aged child in the region to choose Active Travel as their way of getting to and from school each day. Active Travel means walking, wheeling or cycling to school, and leaving the car at home.


    Choosing Active Travel contributes to better physical health and mental well-being for everybody who uses it. Asking children to use it from a young age encourages them to automatically think about Active Travel in the future, when jumping in the car may have seemed the obvious option. The more of us who choose Active Travel will also help contribute to better environments, safer roads and cleaner air.


    We’d love your support in helping your children choose an Active Travel trip to school every day of the programme.


    We’ll see you out there!

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  • This week in Year 2

    Published 07/06/24, by Hilary Read

    We have had great reading from Amani. Charlotte, Levi, Isla, Malik, Rayaan, Hakimah, Odain, Dolly, Poppy, Parker, Evelina, Harriett, Harrison, Joey, Lucas, Luther, Maryam, Mikayl, Reneaha, Ronnie, Shatw, Thleyah and Zainab.

    Full marks in spellings by Jameel, Savannah, Dolly, Parker, Ava, Tayyib, Zainab, Shatw, Maryam, Evelina.

    Rayaan, Rakaan, Hamza and Evelina all got 40 out of 40 in their Beat That.

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  • Design and Technology

    Published 07/06/24, by Marie Morton

    In DT we are going to design and make a healthy snack. This week we looked at the ingredients in some different snacks.

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  • Scratch computer programme

    Published 07/06/24, by Marie Morton

    We have been using algorithms to write a programme for our cartoon cat scratch on poor ipads. 

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  • Spellings Week beginning 10th June 2024

    Published 07/06/24, by Hilary Read

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  • Scratch Junior

    Published 06/06/24, by Hilary Read

    We have been carrying on our work on algorithms by learning how to programme a sprite using Scratch Junior.  We really enjoying finding ways of making the sprite move and changing backgrounds and images.

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