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Friday Successes

Last practice before SATs. Congratulations to everyone who made it onto the post below today and all those who have continued to make progress this year. We are as ready as we'll ever be!

Spelling Y6KH - Full marks for Scarlett and Raniah.

Spelling Y6MS - Full marks for Ali, Elijah, Lshane, Punyasree, Safia, Bently, Atiba, Harlon and Harley.

CLIC Y6KH - 12 out of 12 for Keyaan, John-Paul, Harry, Scarlett, Raniah, Rebekah, Rizwan, Grace and Siraj. 10 or above for Erica, Max, Tashika, Ruby-Rose, Kaif, Zaid and Vinmaya.

CLIC Y6MS - 12 out of 12 for Halima, Blair, Joe, Meryem, Ali, Jaco, Masi, Reece, Isha, Harley, Bailey, Teigan,  Riley and Bllie . 10 or above for Logan B, Tyreece, Lshane and Punyasree.

Beat That Y6KH - 72 or above for Salwa, Keyaan, Scarlett, Rebekah and Ahmed.

Beat That Y6MS - 72 or above for Joe, Ali, Jacb F, Elijah, Tyreece, Bailey, Riley, Punyasree, Atiba, Harley and Harlon...


Y6KH - Be Positive - Sofia (this week) and Scarlett ( last week).

Y6MS - Make careful choices - Teigan

Star of the Week :

Y6KH - Grace

Y6MS - Tyreece

P.E. Star of the Week: Max

! Well done!