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Friday Celebrations

Here are the scores that have made us smile this week as well as our picks for postcards and awards.

Spelling Y6KH - Full marks for Keyaan, Raniah and Rizwan.

Spelling Y6MS - Full marks for Billie and Atiba.

CLIC Y6KH - 12 out of 12 for Keyaan, Harry, Ava, Raniah, Sofia, Rebekah, Rizwan, Vinmaya, Grace and Siraj.

10 or above for Max, Scarlett, Tashika, Kaif, Ahmed, Vinmaya and Precious.

CLIC Y6MS - 12 out of 12 for Halima, Blair, Joe, Ali, Masi, Jacob, Isha, Harley, Tyreece, Teigan, Riley, Tyler, Punyasree, Safia, Atiba and Harlon.

10 or above for Meryem, Reece, Bailey, Billie, Lshane and Bently.

Beat That Y6KH - 72 or above for Keyaan, Scarlett, Rebekah and Ahmed.

Beat That Y6MS - 72 or above for Joe, Tyreece, Jacb, Bailey, Tyler, Atiba and Harlon .


Y6KH - Be Positive - none given as the person was away :(

Y6MS - Be Positive - Tyler

Star of the Week:

Y6KH - Vinmaya

Y6MS - Meryem

P.E. Star of the Week: Riley Marshall

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